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Inter-Lingua is a foreign language resource providing a variety of services for businesses, groups, and individuals including Interpretation and Translation, Voice-overs, Cultural Services, Sign-Language, and Foreign Language Instruction for adults & children.

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Lynne Golodner of Your People put together a Power Table and shared her brilliance with 8 distinct business people, Carol Kirkland of AVE Office Supplies, Becca Jasgur of Joe Cornell Entertainment, Tim Ruggles of Habitat for Humanity, Brad Wasserman of Wasserman Wealth Mangement, Ruth Wilson…wearing 2 hats…one for the Girl Scouts and the other as a Life Coach, Diana Brown…Divorce Attorney and Specialist, and  Maciek Lyko of Spa MARIANA.    Wow, what a night of learning, sharing and bouncing off ideas for growth.   By the way, CAFE VIA…you knocked it out of the park with your food!