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blogging…starting with a great training session

Inter-Lingua is a foreign language resource providing a variety of services for businesses, groups, and individuals including Interpretation and Translation, Voice-overs, Cultural Services, Sign-Language, and Foreign Language Instruction for adults & children.

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Lynne Golodner of Your People put together a Power Table and shared her brilliance with 8 distinct business people, Carol Kirkland of AVE Office Supplies, Becca Jasgur of Joe Cornell Entertainment, Tim Ruggles of Habitat for Humanity, Brad Wasserman of Wasserman Wealth Mangement, Ruth Wilson…wearing 2 hats…one for the Girl Scouts and the other as a Life Coach, Diana Brown…Divorce Attorney and Specialist, and  Maciek Lyko of Spa MARIANA.    Wow, what a night of learning, sharing and bouncing off ideas for growth.   By the way, CAFE VIA…you knocked it out of the park with your food!


A Phony Crisis in “London”

Written for DBusiness.com and featured at http://www.dbusiness.com/Blogs/Annual-2010/A-Phony-Crisis-in-ldquoLondon-rdquo/

On a Monday morning not so long ago, I got up, went to my computer, and found I could not get to my email. I had checked it before going to bed, and there had been no problem. So I thought, “I’ll try again when I get back from my morning workout.” Continue reading »


What Is "Blog"?

It is a noun…the blog…” a thing”.

It is a verb…to blog…” an action”

But whatever this thing or action is, it is becoming a part of our lives and has caught on internationally. I am involved with blogs on translation sites around the world as well as blogging locally. What is important is that we are communicating or at least attempting to do so.


What is Inter-Lingua?

INTER-LINGUA is your foreign language resource.

INTER-LINGUA provides you with the ability to reach any individual or corporation globally so that all parties can communicate effectively via language/culture.

INTER-LINGUA has been in business for 20 years with the same ownership. The original team of linguists has been augmented as its language base expanded.

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