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A Phony Crisis in “London”

Written for DBusiness.com and featured at http://www.dbusiness.com/Blogs/Annual-2010/A-Phony-Crisis-in-ldquoLondon-rdquo/

On a Monday morning not so long ago, I got up, went to my computer, and found I could not get to my email. I had checked it before going to bed, and there had been no problem. So I thought, “I’ll try again when I get back from my morning workout.” Continue reading »


Be Culturally Correct to Win Global Deals

Written for DBusiness.com and featured at http://www.dbusiness.com/Blogs/Annual-2010/Be-Culturally-Correct-to-Win-Global-Deals/.

For many American companies, doing business globally is a pot of gold that glistens and gleams, yet remains as elusive as the one at the end of the rainbow. Continue reading »